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DIDIOK is a leading high-tech enterprise manufacturing home smart products, possessing of extensive smart product research, quality production and excellent service.  We have qualified experts to dedicate in the research and development of wireless control technology to produce a variety of smart home products. DIDIOK, as sub branch of Broadvi, is responsible for selling smart home products oversea.


As a brance of Broadvi pioneered B20 self-powered wireless control technology, DIDIOK introduces a range of wireless switches for lights and fans, which work with lighting controller to hold lights  and fans on and off.  Unlike traditional switches, we don’t need to place wire and tear the wall, just attach the switches anywhere you like and install it in minutes to save time and labor cost.  Unlike remote control, no need of battery in the new –designed useful switches. It is a big revolution to the way we live, saving a lot of energy, making our life easy and  decorating home and office to a higher level.


With a strong research team and quality manufacture, apart from wireless switches and lighting controllers, DIDIOK also develops a series of other smart home products for home automation control, such as smart host, smart socket, smarts sensors, smart light bulbs etc.  By using wireless control technology, it is easy to remote control and monitor your home from Smartphone, configure alerts from sensors , create schedules and multi-device scenes.



News updating

  • The ways of communication between switch and the fixture without wiring

    wireless transmission: A wireless receiver / lighting controller is typically wired or screwed into a fixture or device, wired or otherwise connected to the electrical system of the building or plugged into an outlet. The wireless receiver's memory is programmed by any number of means to respond to certain selected "switches" or (more correctly) remote control transmitters.
  • How to determine whether the controller is qualified

    When selecting a controller, we certainly have to look at the quality of the product, understand the product is qualified, that at this time certainly need to do more to understand and observe the manufacturer to see how the actual quality of this device is qualified, in the course of work whether it can guarantee the most basic building effects and so on. And we should get to know what effect the controller it