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Lighting Controller
Model: WD35   Input Voltage: 230V
Operational frequency: within 1GHz
Transmission range: interior environment 30meters (100feet), empty area 150meters
Operating temperature: -20℃ up to +60℃
Endurance: more than 500,000 times
Size: 36mm x 64mm x 28mm
Product description
Product parameters

WD35 lighting controller receives and processes radio signals from switches and other equipment, controlling various lighting devices on and off. With build-in microprocessor, wireless transceiver and relays and other core components, the lighting controller has a strong anti-jamming. WD35 lighting controller can be used along with wireless switches, wireless sensors, smart host and other equipment.

Application Fields:

A: series in the lighting fixture circuit, can be used after power supply


B: working with self-powered wireless switch


C: working with smart host



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