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How to determine whether the controller is qualified
2015-12-08 17:03:07
When selecting a controller, we certainly have to look at the quality of the product, understand the product is qualified, that at this time certainly need to do more to understand and observe the manufacturer to see how the actual quality of this device is qualified, in the course of work whether it can guarantee the most basic building effects and so on. And we should get to know what effect the controller it?
What signal transmission capacity controller
Wants to ensure the proper use of the controller, that the use of the process, we certainly pay attention to the signal transmission capability of the controller, if the signal transmission effect is not very good, and that the controller is in use, there is certainly very much The problem. We can pay attention to think of it, how the controller can transmit signals stability in all protocols, signals, it can guarantee the basic signal transmission, whether there is a problem in terms of sensitivity often.
Use process controller whether there is a problem
Signal transmission is only one aspect of quality control problems, there is an aspect of the problem is whether the controller will have problems at work, what is the problem? In fact, we normally use, you can take a look at the controller There is no question, for example, some recurring quality problems, in need of repair, or in some places often abnormal operation, etc., which all need to remember our special, otherwise it is difficult to ensure the practical effect of the work.
Exactly how the life of the controller
Finally, how to determine whether a controller is qualified? We can look at the life of the controller, if life is very short period of time you need to replace the controller, and this certainly is not acceptable. Therefore, using the controller in the process, we need special attention, the controller can be used exactly for how long, you can understand from the manufacturers, too, can make a record in the use of the process, if time is short, the proposed purchase of other manufacturers of controllers.
Before you can use the controller as well as the process, we must pay attention to the practical effects of the controller, to know what would happen to the quality of this controller, identify problems to be promptly replaced.