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HC50-1 Smart Host
Model: HC50-1
Operational frequency: within 1Ghz
Power supply: 5V direct current
Operatingl temperature: -10℃ up to +40℃
Endurance: 5 years
Size: 149mm x 126mm x 28mm
Product description
Product parameters
DIDIOK sets mobile app to operate home automation easily and conveniently by using smart host and smart phone.  With the operation of smart host and sensors in multi-devices, you can control and monitor your home from your smart phone, keeping your home safety.
● Control light fixture and home appliance to turn on or off from smart phone
● Monitor your home by using DIDIOK sensors setting in multi-devices, you can receive instant alerts and notification as long as something abnormal at home, such as thief-breaking in, water immersion, gas leakage and smoke etc.
● Control multi-devices to turn on or off in automation by setting time from smart phone or tablet.
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